ASOS is an application where Pınar Su orders are managed by the salesperson.


Dijital.tedarik is a service where various transactions such as management of in-company purchases, creation of proposals, orders are made.

Tow & Transport

Tow & Transport is an application that operates in London, where customers can track the service of moving their vehicles


It is a whole set of applications developed to provide fast order service to our customers’ dealers.


It is a platform where DYO’s products can be purchased and you can also get your painting done by contacting one of the registered painters in your area.


It offers advantageous offers to its members by earning points for every purchase they make. It is a loyalty program for Dyo products.


It is used to track personel working in the field, to view their duties and to assign tasks.

Mobil Onay

Mobil Onay is a mobile application where authorized persons can review and finalize their approval requests.


Statistics can be obtained about the sales made with dijital.zeka. With Elastic search used in its infrastructure, the reports are instantly at
your fingertips.


YML based documentation tool. It can easily be integrated with different contents.