NT Armor

NT Armor is a company that specializes in creating protective equipment and armors for the defense industry. They offer a range of products and have a strong focus on quality and innovation.


Ocurate is the predictive analytics solution for B2C brands looking to increase revenue. Predict LTV, churn and revenue upside with 90% accuracy.

Ocurate is the first predictive analytics solution to leverage robust consumer data and the power of machine learning.

Ocurate integrates with your current marketing stack via API to combine existing customer data with its proprietary database.


Want to check your breast health regularly but don’t know where to start? Do you feel lost doing your monthly breast check? Don’t know what to do after your self checkup? The Triwi app with its control cup is for you. It reminds you of the appropriate control day according to the menstrual calendar every month and allows you to note your findings during the control.

Be Steady

Be Steady is a habit tracker app that helps you to build healthy routines and sets you goals and keeps motivating you with streaks/chains.

This app will help you track your habits and actions after you’ve established goals and will notify you when you’ve achieved them. Be Steady also keeps track of Streaks or Chains when you’ve met your goals in consecutive periods.


From individuals to small and medium businesses, Decktopus assists everyone throughout their journey of improving their online presence. Decktopus is the best & fastest presentation and document tool you’ve always searched for. We have made frontend improvements to the app.decktopus.com. Decktopus web app runs 10 times more efficient due to our improvements.

DIGIEGGS got 2nd place of “Best Employers of Turkey 2022”

After we got Certified ™ by Great Place to Work® in the last quarter of 2021 and won the 3rd place in “Best Workplaces for Millennials 2022”, this time we were given the 2nd place in “Best Employers of Turkey” this year in our category. ✨🏆

This year, unlike the previous year, in the category of companies with less than 100 employees; There was a 5x increase in the number of candidate companies and the number of participants. We were awarded the 2nd place among them; and the categories based on the best employers are Recognition, Coordination, Participatory Management.

We are very proud of this grand success and we are very happy to be able to provide these opportunities to our employees. We also are very grateful to Great Place to Work® Turkey for deeming us worthy of this position and fully believe that our success will continue, keep growing like that. 💪🏼


Karshare is the UK’s first car sharing platform aimed solely at serving communities within their neighbourhoods and at airport locations.


Rinkl is a platform for content creators and experts whose time is valuable and their inbox is always full.


Logg is a private and social journal that you can keep your activities and moments safe in one place.


Loom is connected to the car sharing platform: Karshare. The management of leasing and rental business is provided by Loom.