Car Transportation

London based Car Transportation service, helps you to move your car anywhere you want. You can track your transfer via the mobile app. You can request offers, track your car’s status and see where the car is dropped off.


Logg is a private and social journal that you can keep your activities and moments safe in one place. Plus, you can add notes, photos, audios, and locations.

It is a self-improvement diary app that is both personal and social. Logg encourages you to grow journaling habits and improve your life, health, on a daily basis.

**Apple Store Featured App of the Week – August 2018**
**Product Hunt Featured App of the Day – July 2018**

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Çakabey Information System (ÇES) is a software for Çakabey Schools. Parent-student-teacher in this system can perform the following operations.

  • To be able to reach the e-board / to be able to get printout,
  • To be able to see all grades and GDS results of the student,
  • To see the student’s all transactions in the library,
  • To be able to follow student’s service via e-service system via satellite, etc.
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If you build a solar power plant on your roof, how much do you produce?

Check your home on the map, check how much electricity you have on a solar panel, see how much this investment will benefit you according to your consumption. Look at the actual data in places with solar panels right now.

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Follow the companies in your industry, do not miss their activities. Request to participate in the desired, participate in special training. Complete your in-service training.
Do not miss an event, do not forget to participate.
Make announcements and news instantly.

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Temperature and humidity meter solution Thermoegg, with its mobile applications, allows you to keep track of your temperature and humidity values at any time. It sends instant notifications to your mobile app when your temperature and humidity meter values go beyond the critical limits you set.

Buy Thermoegg device, notifications get to your phone instantly.

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